Sprint Program Privacy Policy

1. What is the Privacy Policy?

Callus Company ("the Company") collects, uses, and provides personal information based on users' consent and actively guarantees the rights of users (the right to control personal information). The Company complies with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea and guidelines for personal information protection required of information communication service providers. The "Privacy Policy" refers to the guidelines that the Company must follow to protect users' valuable personal information, ensuring that users can use the service with peace of mind.

2. Collection of Personal Information

During the service membership registration or in the course of using the service, the following personal information is collected through applications or programs as necessary for providing the service:

[Service Account]

Mandatory Information

Email, Nickname, Login Method, Device OS Name

Optional Information

  • What is Mandatory Information?: Information necessary for using the essential functions of the service.

  • What is Optional Information?: Information optionally provided to use additional features of the service. Membership registration is possible without providing optional information.

Methods of Collecting Personal Information

  • Personal information is collected when users consent to its collection and personally enter information during membership registration and service use.

  • Personal information may be collected through web pages, email, fax, phone, etc., during consultation through customer service.

  • Generated information like device information is automatically collected during the use of PC web, mobile web/app.

  • Personal information may be collected through offline events and seminars via paper forms.

Personal Information Collected from Users During Service Use

In the course of using PC web, mobile web/app, information such as device info (OS, screen size, device ID, phone model, device model name), IP address, visit date and time, misuse records, service usage records, and other necessary information for service use are automatically generated and collected.

3. Use of Personal Information

Personal information is used for member management, service provision and improvement, and new service development. The following personal information is collected through the website or individual applications or programs during membership registration or service use:

  • Member identification/confirmation of intent to join, personal identification, prevention of misuse

  • Development of new services, provision of various services, handling inquiries or complaints, communication of notices

  • Transmission or delivery of contents, billing for paid services

  • Preventing and sanctioning acts that disrupt the smooth operation of the service (including account misappropriation and misuse)

  • Utilizing for customized content recommendations and marketing by estimating demographic characteristics, interests, preferences, and tendencies of users

  • Using service usage records, access frequency, and statistics related to service use for service improvement and creating a privacy-protective service environment

  • Sending SPRINT PROGRAM monthly newsletters

4. Provision and Entrusting of Personal Information

The Company does not provide users' personal information to third parties unless there is separate consent from the user or as stipulated by law.

5. Destruction of Personal Information

Personal information is promptly destroyed once the collection and usage purposes are achieved, and the procedure and method are as follows:

The Company destroys personal information when it becomes unnecessary, such as after the expiry of the personal information retention period or upon achieving the processing purpose. Personal information transferred to a DB will not be used for other purposes unless required by law. Also, the service operates a 'personal information validity period system' where personal information of members who have not used the service for one year is stored separately or deleted. Separately stored personal information is destroyed without delay after being stored for four years.

The Company destroys personal information in the following ways:

  1. Electronic files: Deleting files and formatting storage media

  2. Handwritten documents: Shredding or incinerating

6. Rights and Methods of Exercise for Users and Legal Representatives

Users can check or modify their personal information at any time, and may request withdrawal of consent or cancellation of membership. For children under 14 years old, legal representatives have the right to check, modify, delete, or stop processing the child's personal information, as well as withdraw consent for collection and use. More specifically, changes can be made through the service's settings, and membership cancellation (withdrawal of consent) can be done by clicking "Delete Account" in the service. If contacted via written, telephone, or email through the customer center, the necessary measures will be taken without delay. Personal information will not be used or provided until the correction of any errors is completed.

7. Scope of Application of This Privacy Policy

  • This privacy policy applies to the Sprint Program (sprint.calluscompany.com) and related comprehensive services (including mobile web/app) provided by the Company.

8. Personal Information Protection Officer and Department

Personal Information Management Officer: Yoo Seok-ho (DPO)

Department: Personal Information Protection Part

Contact: contact@calluscompany.com

9. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy may be amended to reflect changes in laws or service. In the event of a change to the privacy policy, the Company will post the changes, and the amended privacy policy will take effect 7 days after the date of posting. However, in cases of significant changes affecting user rights, such as changes in the items of personal information collected or the purpose of use, we will inform you at least 30 days in advance.

  • Announcement Date: July 10, 2023

  • Implementation Date: July 10, 2023