SPRINT PROGRAM Terms of Service

Chapter 1

Article 1 (Purpose and Definitions)

Thank you for using the services provided by Callus Company Corporation (hereafter 'the Company'). The Company has prepared the 'SPRINT PROGRAM Service Agreement' (hereafter 'this Agreement') to make it easier and more convenient for you to access and use the SPRINT PROGRAM services (hereafter 'the Service') provided by the Company. By agreeing to this Agreement, you join and use the Service. This Agreement defines the basic matters such as rights, obligations, responsibilities, conditions, and procedures necessary for using the Service, so please take a moment to read it carefully.

Article 2 (Effect and Modification of the Terms)

  1. The contents of this Agreement are effective for all who agree to it, announced through the Service’s screen or by other methods.

  2. The Company may change this Agreement within the bounds of relevant laws when necessary. In case of any changes, the Company will notify the changes on the Service's notice board or through notification 15 days before the effective date. If the changes are disadvantageous to you, the Company will inform you individually through a notification message in the Service or email registered in the Service 30 days before the effective date.

  3. If the Company clearly informs that if you do not express refusal within 7 days after the effective date of the revised terms, it will be deemed approved, and you do not express your intention, it is considered that you have approved the changed terms.

  4. You may choose to terminate the service contract by expressing refusal of the changed terms.

  5. This Agreement applies from the day you agree to this Agreement until the termination of the service contract according to Article 13 of this Agreement. However, some provisions of this Agreement may remain effective even after the termination of the contract.

Article 3 (Supplementary Rules)

For matters not specified in this Agreement, follow the provisions of related laws or detailed service terms of use, operation policies, and rules (hereafter 'Detailed Guidelines') established by the Company.

Article 4 (Definition of Terms)

  1. 'SPRINT PROGRAM Service' refers to all comprehensive services related to SPRINT PROGRAM provided by the Company, regardless of the type of accessible wired and wireless devices and the form of provision such as websites, mobile applications, etc.

  2. 'Member' refers to individuals or companies that have entered into a service use contract with the Company.

  3. 'Website' refers to the SPRINT PROGRAM website created, planned, and developed by the Company.

Chapter 2 Service Use Contract

Article 5 (Formation of Contract)

  1. The application for using the SPRINT PROGRAM service is made by entering the required information on the membership registration screen of the SPRINT PROGRAM website or through membership registration methods such as 'Google Login' or 'Kakao Login'.

Article 6 (Restrictions on Use)

  1. The Company generally accepts the use of SPRINT PROGRAM services for applicants according to Article 4. However, the Company may withhold or refuse acceptance until the reason is resolved in the following cases:

    a. If the Company has previously deleted your account according to this Agreement or Detailed Guidelines. b. If you try to create an account using someone else's name. c. If you do not enter the necessary information or enter false information when creating an account. d. If there is no realistic spare capacity in the service equipment. e. If there is a technical problem in providing the service. f. If the Company deems it necessary financially or technically. g. If a member who has received a membership suspension from the Company terminates the contract during the suspension period and re-applies for use. h. In other cases that violate related laws or the criteria set by the Company.

  2. If it is determined that you have created an account in violation of the above conditions, the Company may immediately suspend or delete your account and impose appropriate restrictions.

Chapter 3 Service Use

Article 7 (Account Management)

  1. Accounts used in SPRINT PROGRAM services can only be used by the member themselves, and you cannot allow others to use your account. You are responsible for managing your account to prevent unauthorized use by others. The Company may require a password entry and additional verification procedures to prevent unauthorized use of your account. The principle is one account per person. If unauthorized use is discovered, please inform the Company through customer service, and the Company will guide you on how to prevent unauthorized use.

  2. You can view and modify your account information through the account settings screen within the SPRINT PROGRAM service. However, some information such as the account necessary for the provision and management of the service, phone number, device identification number, and other identity verification information may not be modifiable. If changes are made, additional identity verification procedures may be required. Please notify the company directly or via email or customer service when there is a change in the information you provided during the application process.

  3. The company is not responsible for any problems arising from your failure to update your account information in a timely manner.

Article 8 (Changes and Termination of Service)

  1. The company strives to provide the SPRINT PROGRAM service without interruption 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, the entire or part of the SPRINT PROGRAM service may be restricted or suspended in the following cases:

    a. Regular or temporary inspections for maintenance of the SPRINT PROGRAM service equipment. b. If normal SPRINT PROGRAM service is hindered due to power outages, failure of various facilities, or a surge in usage. c. If it becomes impossible to maintain the SPRINT PROGRAM service due to termination of contract with affiliated companies, government orders/regulations, or other comprehensive circumstances of the company. d. In cases of force majeure such as natural disasters or national emergencies.

  2. In the case of suspension of the SPRINT PROGRAM service as mentioned above, we will notify or announce to you in advance according to the method stated in Article 12. However, if prior notice or announcement is impossible due to reasons beyond the company's control or unforeseen (such as disk or server failures, system downs without the company's fault), it does not apply. In such cases, the company will strive to restore the service as soon as the situation is identified.

  3. Any significant changes or termination of the service that affect you will be individually notified through email or text messages sent to the contact information registered in your SPRINT PROGRAM service.

Chapter 4 Obligations of Contracting Parties

Article 9 (Company's Obligations)

  1. Members must not engage in the following activities when using the SPRINT PROGRAM service:

    a. Falsifying information during application or changes, using other members' service accounts fraudulently, using someone else's name, or conducting text message (SMS) authentication without the name holder's permission.

Article 11 (Member's Obligations)

  1. Members must not engage in the following activities when using the service:

    a. Falsifying information during application or changes, using other members' accounts fraudulently, using someone else's name, or conducting text message (SMS) authentication without the name holder's permission. b. Activities for commercial purposes such as business, promotion, advertising, solicitation, or any other profit-making activities without the company's consent, sexual or obscene acts, actions requesting or inducing prostitution, defaming or libeling other users, or using the service for purposes other than those specified. c. Encouraging participation in religious activities or inviting membership in religious groups. d. Acts that damage the honor or disadvantage others. e. Posting obscene materials on bulletin boards or linking to obscene sites. f. Infringing the rights of the company or third parties. g. Disseminating information that violates public order and morals. h. Registering or disseminating computer virus-infected materials that can disrupt or confuse the operation of service-related facilities. i. Intentionally interfering with the stable operation of the service or actions that could disrupt its stable operation. j. Transmitting advertising information or spam mail against the express refusal of the recipient. k. Copying, modifying, distributing, selling, transferring, leasing, providing as collateral, or allowing others to use part of the service or its included software without the company's consent, and attempting to reverse engineer or extract the source code. l. Impersonating others or falsely stating a relationship with others. m. Collecting, storing, or disclosing other members' personal information. n. Distributing false information with the intent to benefit oneself or others or to harm others. o. Continuously delivering words, sounds, writings, images, or videos that cause shame, disgust, or fear to others, thereby interfering with their daily life. p. Transmitting or posting information (including computer programs) whose transmission or posting is prohibited by law. q. Posting writings or sending emails or text messages by impersonating or pretending to be a company or affiliate employee or operator, or using someone else's name. r. Posting or sending materials containing computer viruses designed to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment. s. Other illegal activities.

  2. You cannot transfer, gift, or provide as collateral your service usage rights or any other status under the usage contract to another person.

  3. If you fail to comply with relevant laws, the company's terms and conditions, or policies, the company may investigate your violations and temporarily or permanently suspend your service usage, or restrict re-registration.

Article 12 (Protection of Personal Information)

The safe processing of your personal information is one of the most important tasks for the company. Your personal information will be used only within the scope and for the purposes you have consented to for the smooth provision of the service. Unless required by law or with your separate consent, the company will never provide your personal information to third parties, so you can rest assured. For efforts made by the company to securely process your personal information and other details, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Chapter 5 Termination of Contract and Use Restrictions

Article 13 (Termination of Contract)

  1. Members who wish to terminate their service contract can apply for termination through the account deletion feature provided within the service.

  2. When the usage contract is terminated, your information and all data you have created will be deleted, except in cases where the company retains your information in accordance with laws and personal information handling policies. However, content written by you that is contained or posted by third parties, or in the case of ongoing conversations with connected members, or if you have added comments to third-party posts, will remain within the service to the extent necessary for other members’ normal service use.

Article 14 (Restrictions on Service Use)

  1. If a member falls under any of the following categories, the company may notify the member through email, text messages (LMS/SMS), or other effective means, and take appropriate measures such as suspending or limiting the member's service use until the reason for suspension or limitation is resolved in accordance with the terms and conditions:

    a. If part of the personal information registered at the time of membership application is false or another person's personal information is misused. b. If engaging in behavior within the service that is offensive to others. c. If hindering the smooth operation of the service. d. If using or distributing unauthorized programs, exploiting system bugs, hacking, or attempting to damage the system. e. If unauthorized use by a third party occurs due to account information leakage. f. If account use is suspended or restricted under this agreement. g. If violating Article 12 of this agreement.

  2. If a member's service use is restricted or membership revoked due to violation of Article 15 of this agreement, refunds for Royal Jelly and vouchers are not possible.

  3. The company may revoke the membership of users who repeatedly engage in illegal activities that fall under the disciplinary reasons in the operational policy of Clause 1 and restrict re-registration with the same personal information.

  4. When the service usage contract between the member and the company is terminated due to member’s service termination or membership revocation, the company may delete all information related to the account, except as prescribed by law, to maintain a better service environment. The company is not responsible for any liability arising from the deletion of member's account-related information and content after the termination of the usage contract.

  5. Members can object to the above measures according to the procedures established by the company.

Article 15 (Responsibility for Transactions)

  1. If the company incurs any direct or indirect damages (including attorney fees) due to your use of the service (including cases where the company receives claims from third parties due to such use), you are responsible to compensate the company immediately upon request.

  2. Although the responsibility for actions between members lies with the respective members, if the company receives a report and the reported member's actions may cause additional harm to other members, the company can take follow-up actions such as restricting use, withdrawal, permanent deletion of ID, and legal responsibility for the members involved for better service use.

Article 16 (Compensation for Damages)

  1. If the company incurs damages due to a member violating the provisions of this agreement, the member who violated must compensate the company for the damages. However, the company bears responsibility for the part where it is at fault.

  2. If the company receives claims for compensation or faces lawsuits and other objections from third parties other than the member due to the member's illegal activities or violation of this agreement, the member must indemnify the company at their own responsibility and expense. If the company is not indemnified, the member must compensate the company for the incurred damages. However, the company bears responsibility for the part where it is at fault.

  3. The company is not liable for any damages related to services provided for free. However, this does not apply to damages caused by the company's intent or gross negligence.

Article 17 (Limitation of Liability)

  1. The company does not explicitly or implicitly warrant that the service (including all posts) is free from factual or legal defects (including defects, errors, and bugs related to safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, fitness for a particular purpose, security, rights infringement, etc.).

  2. The company is not liable for personal damages arising from accessing or using the service, damages caused by a third party illegally accessing or using the service's server, damages caused by a third party interfering with transmissions to or from the service's server, damages caused by the transmission or distribution of malicious programs by a third party, damages caused by omission, loss, or destruction of transmitted data, and damages caused to you by a third party during the use of the service, including defamation. Additionally, the company is not liable for indirect, special, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages to the extent permitted by law.

  3. The company does not guarantee the reliability or accuracy of profiles written by members unless the company specifically certifies them, and is not responsible for any mental or material damages arising from this.

  4. Responsibility for actions conducted online or offline between members or between members and third parties lies with the members themselves. If economic, mental, or material damages occur due to these actions, the responsibility lies with the offending member.

  5. The company will strive to provide you with a stable service. However, the company is not responsible for all damages arising from the use of the service (including damages due to natural disasters, war, service suspension by telecommunication operators, authentication failures of open IDs provided by third parties, technical difficulties that are hard to solve, network hacking that is difficult to defend against with current security technology, disputes arising between members or between members and third parties mediated by the service, and other damages arising from service use).

  6. If you fail to comply with relevant laws, this agreement, or policies, the company may investigate your misconduct or suspend your service use, or take appropriate measures such as reporting to investigative agencies. For other matters related to service use, please contact customer service.

  7. Members must use the service at their own responsibility and bear all responsibility for all actions and their consequences conducted through the service.

  8. Communications received from the service or the service itself may contain links to third-party websites or functions. The responsibility for using these links lies with the member. The company does not control such third-party content without a clear reason. Therefore, members must clearly understand that the company is not responsible in any way for third-party services or functions.

  9. Members are responsible for all data charges incurred from using the service.

Article 18 (Resolution of Disputes)

  1. In case of disagreements or disputes between the company and the member related to service use, they should be amicably resolved through mutual agreement between both parties.

  2. Lawsuits filed between the company and the member shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

  3. Lawsuits related to disputes arising between the company and the member shall be filed in the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

Chapter 6: Cancellation and Refund Policy

Article 18: (Cancellation/Refund Application Period and Refund Fees)

  1. A full 100% refund is available until 14 days before the program starts.
  2. A 50% refund is available until 7 days before the program starts.
  3. Refunds are not available from 6 days before the program starts.

Article 19: (Cancellation/Refund Method)

  1. Users can request a refund using the following methods:

    A. Contact customer service, contact@calluscompany.com

  2. Refund fees may be applied depending on the payment method, time of refund request, and reason for the refund.

  3. The method of cancellation and refund will be the same as the method used for payment. For example, if you used card payment for service payment, the refund will be processed through card payment cancellation.

  4. Depending on the payment method and time of refund request, the method of refund may differ between cancellation of payment or a refund request.

    A. Payment cancellation is an automatic refund process through the PG company.

    B. A refund request is processed by submitting a refund account to the company's customer service for a deposit into the account.

  5. The refund timeline and method according to each payment method are as follows:

    A. Credit Card

    1. Refund is completed once the company has processed the refund and the card company has canceled the payment authorization.
    2. If the payment cancellation is requested after the day of payment, it may take about 3-7 days to confirm the cancellation of payment authorization with the card company, and this may vary by card company.

    B. Real-time Bank Transfer

    1. Once the company has processed the refund, it will be automatically deposited into the account used for payment, which may take about 1-2 business days.
    2. The timing of the deposit may vary depending on the bank's circumstances.

    C. Bank Transfer (Virtual Account), Mobile Phone Payment, Separate Account Deposit

    1. Refund will be deposited into the submitted account within 5-7 days after receiving the refund account, deducting any cancellation/refund fees.
    2. Refund may be withheld or delayed due to reasons such as errors in the submitted account, failure to submit required documents, etc., and in such cases, separate notifications will be made via email.

    D. Receipt of Refund Account

    1. Refunds must be requested to an account in the name of the applicant.

제 20조 (Service Duration)

  1. The maximum duration of service is 4-weeks.

Addendum 1

This agreement applies from July 1, 2023.