Are you prepared to

run along the

edge of innovation?

In the SPRINT PROGRAM, students collaborate directly with start-up founders to address the innovative challenges of the industry.


Cutting-edge educational

internship program

The SPRINT PROGRAM combines education and internship, allowing students to participate in real-world business projects guided by start-up founders and professionals throughout the entire onboarding process.

Single-Goal Principle

Each SPRINT PROGRAM is designed with a singular goal in mind, fostering collaboration between students and start-up founders as they work together to achieve that goal.

Problem Solving

With a clear goal in mind, students will gain hands-on experience in utilizing a diverse range of software and hardware tools to effectively solve various business challenges.


The SPRINT PROGRAM places a strong emphasis on teamwork, allowing students to develop essential collaboration skills as they engage in discussion and ideation sessions with their peers.


start-up founders

The SPRINT PROGRAM is built in collaboration with 600+ start-ups worldwide, boasting a talent pool of professionals from renowned companies such as Apple Inc., OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT), HYBE, and Tinder.


Why should students

participate in

start-up project?

Start-ups are well known for their relentless execution of ideas, which demands swift decision-making, efficient idea-to-product protocols, and a never-give-up attitude. Throughout the SPRINT PROGRAM, students are consistently exposed to these fundamental traits of start-ups.

Fast Decision Making

Throughout the SPRINT PROGRAM, students gain an understanding of the significance of making informed decisions grounded in real-world customer data. Along the way, they embrace a start-up axiom: “the only valid ideas are those that have been tested against the realities of the real world.”

Idea to Product

After the decision-making process, students delve into various methodologies and tools to execute their ideas. They discover that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and failures offer invaluable insights into the authenticity of the product they are creating.

Not Giving Up

Through the SPRINT PROGRAM, students grasp the significance of discovering their genuine passions. This cultivates a robust mental resilience to overcome external challenges and helps them truly comprehend the value of perseverance and “not giving up.”

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